other Algarve

  • Other Algarve
    Tourism in the Algarve, Portugal

    Tourism in the Algarve, Portugal, is generally recognized as a seaside tourist destination for its characteristic beaches.
    Other Algarve is a new mechanism to promote rural tourism in the Algarve and the other less well known interests of southern Portugal. A new viewpoint of the region with a wide range of possibilities.
    From the different routes that illustrate this new facet of the Algarve — Landscapes, Adventure, Taste, Flavors and Memories — it was created a system based on the connection points of interest that populate the region of Algarve.
    The union of these points creates new forms, new meanings and a new identity.

    Other Algarve an identity capable of showing a different Algarve, shaped by a variety of unknown but interconnected  places/points.