nomads - visual identity

  • nomads
    a visual identity based on tribal markings for a new international advertising agency based in amsterdam
    the identity is a dynamic and kinetic system of elements that can change and be recombined to create new functions where required
    it comprises a series of tribal symbols and colours that can be used in differing ways to define content, for the business cards we collected some 'fun' data on all of the employees regarding whether they are for example extrovert or introvert, if they are geeks or not... etc. and this was translated into a series of markings that were used to create each persons individual identity, these were then applied to the business cards and a set of 50 posters for each member of the nomad tribe, all of the busniess cards and posters (plus some other parts of the collateral) interlink in complex ways to create a giant puzzle (tribal pattern) that stands as a metaphor for the whole organisation and how they are related to each other...