Created: 09/29/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
"In Mexico, when young people are bored, they tend to say 'Cree cree', emulating the cricket sound.
That's the insight on which we built the campaign character.
The Yuzu cricket is to boredom, what the Grim Reaper is to death: its materialization.
Everytime you are bored, the cricket appears in your life aiming at keeping you entertained.
But, being an bad professional, he makes boredom more unbearable.
The cricket tone is like lowsy jokes; they suck, but still make you laugh. It is a ball-buster -and such meanness does really feel- but still you like it.
The product, advertised in the campaign, is the first live TV to be enjoyed on any portable devices: cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
Different from Netflix, which has just been launched, Yuzu is LIVE. It does not depend on a library, containing old stuff.
That is the greatest difference of a product that is mind-blowing these days. You may be checking email at the office or on your way to somewhere and yet you will not miss the Barcelona match or your favourite series LIVE. We strongly believe this will revolutionize the Mexican market”.

Ignacio Zuccarino
VP Creative DRAFT FCB Mexico.
Project Info
Ignacio Zuccarino, Ariel Senzacqua, Martín Giudicessi, Salvador Pacheco, Ricardo Aráoz, Viridiana García

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