Xfinity Xtras Loyalty Program Concept

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  • Xfinity Xtras is a loyalty program concept I developed as a pitch to Comcast, to enhance the perceived value of the Xfinity subscription bundle by offering existing customers reward points for doing what they already do.


    Customer loyalty programs have exploded over the last decade, as companies have realized the importance of retaining their customers, not just attracting new ones.

    How It Works:

    Xfinity Xtras is a loyalty program destination on, a smart-phone app and reward card that offers current subscribers of the Xfinity product line the opportunity to earn points and take advantage of exclusive Comcast & 3rd party prizes and discounts.

    Xfinity Xtra Points would be distributed by:

    · Becoming a new customer of Comcast
    · Becoming a new Comcast Business Class customer
    · Upgrading your services
    · Paying your bill on time
    · Walking into an Xfinity Store
    · Entering a sweepstakes on
    · Promoting Xfinity’s products on social media sites
    · Ordering 3 movie rentals within a month
    · Checking –in with foursquares or scanning at a QR code stand that you are at Xfinity Live center
    · Downloading an Xfinity App
    · Taking a customer survey
    · Purchasing a product on
    · Etc.

    * Xfinity Xtra Points could be redeemed at participating Comcast selected merchants.
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