Xbox News

  • Front Page 
    Modular magazine-like layout showcases photography which elevates the content. Featured Stories
    are part of the layout allowing users to easily spot highlighted articles. The standard featured article carousel at the top was purposely avoided, instead allowing those pieces to be dispersed throughout the site.
  • Interactive Rollovers
    Visual feedback is at the core of this design. This method samples one of the darker tones in the article photograph as the background color of the tile, switching the palate from light to dark.
  • Desktop Navigation
    The desktop version of the site features drop down mega-menus that house the standard
    content categories, as well as visual representations of the most popular features of the site.
  • Unique Topic Page
    In the case of a unique event such as E3 or a major game release like Halo 4, topic pages can
    be created to host articles and content streams that are specifically tagged to that event.
  • E3 Countdown and article close-up
  • Category View
    Category pages aggregate all tagged articles in addition to supporting modules that provide more information about a topic.
  • Video Top 5 close-up
  • Article Page
    Fully stocked article page to support all content types such as images and videos, social elements, product information and related links.
  • Article close-up