Wuppertal Project CitID

  • Wuppertal - Honour your city
    As featured on Project CitID
  • Last year I've been invited by Norwegian Ink to participate in their awesome Project CitID.
    Many fantastic designers & artists around the world had been asked to create a logo or illustration to "honour their city".

    My beloved hometown is the city of Wuppertal in Germany and so I created this handdrawn typographic piece alongside a modified version of the heraldic crest of the city of Wuppertal, whcih can be found in the background of the main submission.

    Don't miss all the other great contributions, go visit http://www.citid.net

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    Best, Pino.
  • Highlight of my contribution on the CitID website featured alongside tons awesomeness by some of the best designers around. Definetely worth a visit!
  • Simple version without background
  • I had the idea of making t-shirts with the Wuppertal type which will probably be printed and sold in a few months.
  • The original crest of Wuppertal vs my redesigned version.
  • Wuppertal type in front of the cities' famous suspension railway
  • King Size wall decal for my appartement. Maybe I will release more of these as requested my many friends of mine. Stay tuned...