What Am I?

  •  What Am I?
  • Using the concept of "What Am I" riddles, we created A3 fold-out posterts, where with each fold, a new line of each riddle was revealed.  The last fold-out to A3 would reveal the answer through an illustration.
  • I run over fields and woods all day.
    Under the bed at night I sit not alone.
    My tongue hangs out, up and to the rear, awaiting to be filled in the morning.

    What am I?
  •  A box without hinges, lock or key,
    yet golden treasure lies within.

    What Am I?
  • With pointed fangs it sits in wait,
    with piercing force its doles out fate,
    over bloodless victims proclaiming its might,
    eternally joining in a single bite.

    What am I?