Website For Digital Marketing Agency Digdog

  • Didgdog is the first Russian agency, which specializes in personal communications in Digital and Communication marketing: CRM-programs, email-marketing, leads generation, web analysis and databases analysis.
    The idea of ​​Digdog's website is to engage users into research process. The website demonstrate the activities and working methods of the company by it's own example. Users becomе not only an observers, they become objects of investigations too. Users get the statistical information based on the actions of the same people as they are. This is the fundamental principles of the company — an automated analysis system.
  • Who make it?
    Erohnovich Roma, art direction, design
    Sergey Andreychenko, 3D, modeling, render
    Kirill Evdakov, copywriting
    Yurevich-Kisov Dmitriy, markup
    Negometyanov Evgeniy, markup
    SmartHead, back end
    Client: Digital Marketing Agency Digdog