• WeOMaDeWeapons.Of.Mass.Destruction

    The designing process of the "WeOMaDe" project began at the same period with the RBTP font project and its
    purpose is to experiment and in no way to be part of war propaganda or design for deadly weapons.

    It is aesthitically based on the same roots of the RBTP font that is inspired by the design of Japanese anime series.
    Most of the content has a futuristic dominant role, played by technology and robots.

    Illustrations (the robots) tried to combine elements from a futuristic retro style/point of view.
    They are designed from scratch and they are vector objects. Robots don't have many curves and they are
    designed with geometric forms and lines.

    In addition, the  unique geometric patterns of each robot are designed according to the logic of military camouflage.
    REMINDER: All illustrations are prototypes.

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