VW // Draw Something

  • Draw Something. Draw a Beetle.
    Campaign site for the launch of the 21th first century Beetle.
  • The Beetle is probably one of the only cars that everyone can draw the shape of. The site lets you draw your own car and turn that car into the lead role of an animated story. Site launched for the Norwegian market.

    Draw your own Beetle here, and see what happens:

    Agency: TRY/Apt
    Client: Volkswagen Norway
    Copywriter: Janne Brenda Lysø, Sigurd Solberg
    Art Director: Thorbjørn Ruud
    Design: Sebastian Rasch
    Mac: Thomas Bråten
    Developers: Edmundo Navasca Cruz, Pål Smitt-Amundsen, Alexander Pope, Øyvind Nordhagen
    Illustrator: Esra Røise
    Sound: Plan 8

    The Beetle site has been selected the FWA Site Of The Day (SOTD) Award for 16th April 2012.