VW BlueMotion Roulette //CaseStudy//

  • VW BlueMotion Roulette
    Guess where the car runs out of fuel - and win it
  • This is a promotion for the VW Golf BlueMotion in order to show how far it can get on one tank of fuel. To make it interesting we used Google maps to transform the main highway in Norway into a roulette game. Since the highway goes all the way from the south to the north in this long country we had a lot of slots to fill up. The rules were simple; Guess where the car runs out of fuel - and win it.

    Eventually, when all bets are in, we will send the car northbound until it stops. All will be aired online in a live event. During this event people can see how far the car is from their spot at any given time. They can also communicate directly to the drivers.

    Art Direction: Markus Lind & Thorbjørn Ruud
    Copy: Anders Holm, Petter Bryde, Sebastian Prestø & Eva Sannum
    Flash: Emil Jönsson & Knut Skåla
    Backend: Anders Stalheim Øfsdahl
    Project Manager: Cecilie Fasbender
    Account Manager: Ole Hustad
    Sound: Plan8
    Film: Gimpville

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  •           Casepresentation of the concept.
  • Frontpage giving the instructions needed.
  • The main highway in Norway streches all the way from south to north.
  • The crosshair at the center allways showed the distance from Oslo where the car would start.
  • On roll over an image from Google StreetView would show what that spot actually looks like.
  • If you roll over a spot that has been taken a photo from the occupants Facebook profile would show.
  • In order to make it easier to navigate a color code was applied by the road showing which spots were taken etc.
  • You could use your cell or Facebook connect for easy participation in the contest.
  • We also made a section where people could learn more about the car so that it would be easier to guess where it stops
  • This sections shows how airflow and resistance affects fuel usage.
  • Driving abillities, car handling, tire pressure etc. also affects fuel usage.
  • We also created a promo for the site. Everything in 100% CGI.
  • Small breakdown showing the second shot in the Roulette spot.
    Every tree here consist of aproxmently 5 million polygons.