• In February, Nike partnered with Mutt to helpwith their newest product superiority campaign – the launch of the Vapor TalonElite 51 football cleat on Super Bowl weekend. The spot features a new shootingtechnique that captures never-before-seen footage from the POV of the Nike shoein dynamic competition. By mounting miniature cameras to the cleat at multipleangles, the viewer gets a detailed look at the cleat’s unique product features,further positioning Nike as a leader in athletic innovation. In the commercial,the Vapor Talon hero athlete is forced to out run and out-maneuver an oncominghorde of menacing defenders. The shoe is voiced by NFL legend Michael “ThePlaymaker” Irvin. The spot launched just days before the Super Bowl. As thegame time whistle blew it was the #1 sports video and #4 overall video viewedon Youtube. Less than 72 hours after its launch the spot had gained over1,456,283 Youtube views and currently has logged well over 2 million views.