• Agency - Zaraguza
    Client - Union - insurance company
    Art director - Marek Polakovič
    Creative director - Tomáš Rasputinský
    Account manager - Andrea Basilová
    Photography - Radoxist studio
    3D artist - Ján Smarž, Jakub Goda

    We had a chance to cooperate with a digital agency Zaraguza and client Union - insurance company on a series of visuals for upcoming summer travel insurance campaign.
    Really nice cooperation when we could used various techniques. It is a nice combination of background matte paniting, through 3D CGI retouching to photo shoot of the models.

    Thank you guys !
  • First "car" visual
  • Close-up detail
  • Original photos from photo shoot. Thanks to Juraj Markovič, Vierka švarová and Viktor Žilinský.
  • 3D model used for car and luggage in first visual
  • Car visual adapted to billboard layout by agency
  • Second "hang-glider" visual
  • Close up
  • Nice perforamnce from photo shoot. Thanks to Tomáš Nunuk
  • 3D model used in hang-glider visual
  • Hang-glider visual adapted to final billboard layout by agency
  • Final city-lights formats "on air"