Union Pacific "You'll Find Us" Campaign

  • Objective:
    Get potential shipping customers to call an on-boarding specialist to see if shipping door-to-door with Union Pacific might be a better option.

    The customers in Union Pacific’s sights were those currently shipping with trucking companies or third-party logistics firms. Union Pacific needed to re-position the company as not simply a railroad, but a true end-to-end provider with the logistics expertise and experience prospects’ shipping needs demand. Without access to tracks, many in the industry believed UP was not a viable shipping option; they were unaware of UP’s full-service capabilities. A comprehensive television, print and online campaign was developed to set the record straight. The creative approach used a large metal shield in the shape of Union Pacific’s logo in various locations to illustrate that Union Pacific was already an integrated part of American Business – and could very well be a part of yours.
  • Recognition:
    Gold • 100 Best in Advertising 2012
    Communication Arts Exhibit
  • AVP Corporate Communications: Donna Kush, Union Pacific; Creative Directors: Carter Weitz and Marty Amsler; Art Directors and Design: Paul Asao, Ron Sack, Brandon Oltman, Dan Cooper; Photographer: Erik Almas; Photography Retouching/Compositing: Jellysquare; Copywriters: Jim Watson, Glen Wachowiak, Ernie Shenk; Agency Producer: Sally Mars; Account Services: Emilie Wells, Mary Golwitzer, Jackie Normington; Producer; Jared Yeater, The Mill; Media Planners: Sandra Cranny, Gloria Rediger, Christy Puev; Director: Mathias Hoene, Partizan; Account Planner: Lance Koenig