• For Halloween 2012, UNREAL teamed up with Big Spaceship to create a platform and entertainment hub for the most visually documented Halloween...ever.

    UNREALHalloween is an auto-scrolling visual feed that aggregates all Halloween-related photos being hashtagged on Instagram across the U.S., while infusing video, Spotify playlists, movement, and classic movie references into the stream.

  • UNREAL is using this Halloween to further ignite the movement to Unjunk the World™, and to prove what was once seen as impossible – Unjunked candy – is now real. 15-year-old Nicky Bonner inspired UNREAL's creation after a post-Halloween feud with his parents over confiscated candy.
  • To see more of our work, visit our Behance profile or www.bigspaceship.com.