Twothirds Website

Created: 05/22/13
Last Edited: 08/19/14
Website for the spanish Fashionlabel Twothirds.
The Goal was to create a more flexible and easy-to-manage Platform that combines product presentation and the story driven multi-faceted world and the environmental conciousness of the Brand.

We came up with a flexible grid-based System that works responsively through all Platforms and Browsers and focuses on all the stories happening around the Brand through its Blog System with easy social shareability.

Made at demodern, 2012.

  • Credits:
    Agency: Demodern / Client: Twothirds
    Creative Director: Alexander El Meligi
    UX & Design: Daniel Schroermeyer
    Photography: George Bates,  Barry B. Brown, Yohan Colin, Jon Helip, Sophie Hindenach, Sven Hoffmann, Michiel van de Huls, Lars Jacobsen, Andre Kniekamp, Emil Kozak, Karl Mackie, Daniel Månsson, Angelo Schmitt, Ryan Tatar, Thomas Wolff, Andrew Wren
    Icon Design: Daniel Schroermeyer / Emil Kozak

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