Trafik Exhibit @Anatome Milano

    February 2012
  •  We were asked to design a visual identity for an exposition of the Lyon based graphic collective Trafik in the italian venue of Gallerie Anatome referring to the Branding Id we did for the gallery. We should develop different artworks including posters, invitations, an insight booklet, a press folder and anything that could be used to promote the exhibition and, of course, everything should be consistent with the visual id.
    Trafik is a small studio based in Lyon that approaches to design in a completely different way. Instead of working just with traditional design they develop installation, playing with led and lights, where the user has an active role in the whole project. They also play with basic shapes, bright colors and visual effects.In order to deeply understand the project I suggest to visit the website: La Vitrine de Trafik
    Perception refers to their attitude to play with visual and sound perception in all of their project, especially led installation. I choose to realize not one, but a series of 3 posters with 3 different visual approaches, using visual effects to generate something.