• To Charlie,
  • To Charlie,  is a book whose goal is to make tribute to Roald Dahl. The very famous british writer spent his life filling our childhood with magical stories and characters, which we still remember. We have decided to have three of his most characteristic works: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Friendly Giant or BFG and The Witches.

    We have given more importance to the little ones in the story and their relationship with the author: each chapter is named after the each child. Also, the illustrations that separate each chapter are warm and and humble like the tales, Now, its interior make also a tribute to Quentin Blake, the illustrator that drawed us the most amazing and innocent world.

    Don't you think we haven't thought about the presentation. The book is like a bar of chocolate and is called "To Charlie," with this we commemorate the adventures he lived while young and also connotes the famous story "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. "