The modern men’s precision weapon

  • The modern men’s precision weapon

    Design and creation of gifts on the Fatherland Defender’s Day for business partners and clients of Contek Group.

    The modern man at the top can settle most serious questions with a ballpoint pen only. Metaphorically speaking, the ballpoint pen is one of the weapons the man is using today in the “battlefield” of his professional activities.

    To make the likeness of the writing tool and the gun self-evident the pen was presented in a disassembled way together with an assembly scheme. This way of presentation is putting in mind of the manuals and directions traditionally used in the army for reaching a qualifying standard of machine gun assembly and dis-assembly.

    For reference:
    Fatherland Defender’s Day (formerly Soviet Army day) — one of the national holidays in Russia).
  • Патрон — cartridge
    ударник — striker
    приклад — butt
    возвратный механизм — retracting mechanism
    цевье — fore-end
    ствол — barrel
    спусковой крючок — trigger