The New Color

  • The New Color
  • Personal project, 2011, video 2'39", website:

    Mystification about the invention of brand new color, that doesn't have anything in common with all the colors and shades that we know. The project is carried out as internet intervention.
  • Screen captures
  • Representation in exhibition space
  • «Insight & Foresight» exhibition at the Moscow's Center for Contemporary Culture «Garage»
  • "Now is Just Right Now" solo show at Taiga, Saint-Petersburg.
  • Description

    The project consists of the video carried out in the typical advertising esthetics and the website, both describe us the brand new and previously non-existent color.
    The project explores the intriguing and desirable effect deliberately delivered to us through the the media, such as typical TV ad.
    There's not too many things that can really excite us as the expanding the range of human perception and in the current case it comes to completely new experience for human vision - going beyond the boundaries of the color spectrum. At the very beginning of the video a pleasant voice manifests: "Starting from now our common concepts of color have become outdated…"
    However, it is absolutely clear that the solicitude and fascinating effect, that advertisements often possessed of and that we're so eager to succumb to, is deliberately and skillfully constructed and being a pseudo-reality as well as the world of pure connotations. It did not take part in the production and the direct application of things, but it is an integral part of the system, not only because it refers to the consumption, but also because it becomes an object of consumption itself. It is necessary to clearly distinguish between its dual status: it is the discourse of things, and the actual thing. And in fact as unnecessary, unimportant discourse, it is acceptable as a subject of culture.
    In the work "The New Color" the advertisement is placed in the territory of art as an artistic gesture, and since the object of advertising doesn't exist and most likely is impossible at all, there only remains the status which is suitable to be considered as a culture subject.