The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Poster Series

  • A series of posters were developed to promote The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Singing the praises of these unsung heroes, these messages turned the spotlight on the courageous athletes who played not for fame or money, but because they loved the game. The museum and this campaign ensure that their contribution to baseball, to civil rights and our country’s history will never be forgotten.
  • Recognition:
    2013 National Addy Silver Award
    Public Service - Campaign
    The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum - Ad Campaign
    2013 National Addy Silver award
    Public Service - Print
    The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum "Intimidation" Ad
  • Art Director: Ron Sack; Writer: Nick Main; Designer: Brandon Oltman; Creative Director: Carter Weitz; Finish Art: Joe Liebentritt; Digital Retouch: Gayle Adams; Photography: Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Derek Peterson, AE, Michellle Sukup, PM