The Hour Vision Project

Created: 02/01/12
Last Edited: 10/01/13
A charitable project by Omega with Daniel Craig, in support of Orbis International and their flying eye hospital.
    A charitable project by Omega and Daniel Craig supporting ORBIS International's flying eye hospital.

    This is a charitable project inspired by the partnership between Omega and brand ambassador Daniel Craig. From sales of the specially designed Hour Vision Blue watch, Omega pledge to donate a million dollars to ORBISinternational, a non-profit organisation fighting blindness in developing countries where an estimated 90% of the world's blind people reside.

    Orbis brings much needed medical care to the people who need it most – aboard a modified DC-10, dubbed the flying eye hospital. To find out more about this extraordinary foundation visit or donate at
    The central element of the project is a 30min documentary directed by Richard Bullock. It follows Daniel on a visit to ORBIS' mission in Mongolia, along the way learning about eye surgery seeing first-hand the life-changing effect ORBIS has on its patients.
    As creative director of this project my involvement was from the very beginning. I conceived each stage of the process including the watch. I worked on the film and TVC edit, designing everything from titles to print ads. I also edited, designed and built the iPad publication, posters, brochures and store fronts.
    This was a unique opportunity to develop advertising material that is both honest and directly helpful to people in need.
  • “Ours is a largely visual medium, and we never take the great gift of sight for granted. Knowing that we can make real contributions to eye health in the parts of the world where it’s most needed has been all the motivation we have needed to initiate this project.” – D.C.

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