• Talous
    Talous Consulting is a boutique firm based in San Pedro Garza García, México that specializes in Financial Consulting and Investment Banking. Founded in 2011, Talous approached us with a brief that stated their need to communicate trust and sophistication, while appearing vividly different from other consultancy firms.
    Our brand proposal used guilloches (those decorative engravings found in bank notes, currency, and certifications to denote authenticity) to not only represent security, but to also wink at the nature of Talous' business practices.
    Edging away from all the dull colored and seriously sans-serifed mainstream consultancy brands, we used a custom blackletter type for the logo to give the brand seriousness, solidity and strength. The lively range of colors, meanwhile, give the brand a freshly contrasting and dynamic feel. In spite of the vivid colors and lines of the guilloche patterns, we managed to achieve a clean, noiseless brand aesthetic that was still serious and effortlessly classic.
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