Syfy House of Imagination

  • Syfy House of Imagination
  • In commemoration of SCI FI's brand evolution to Syfy, "House of Imagination," celebrates Syfy's unique spin on imagination, starring talent from Warehouse 13, Eureka, Ghost Hunters, Caprica, Sanctuary, Stargate Universe and Destination Truth. The film invites viewers into a celebratory house party populated with rooms inspired by the Channel's original programs and characters. Through high concept visual storytelling from Director Brett Foraker & 4D Creative, each scene fuses a bold complement of visual effects by MPC with practical & digital set design by Production Designer, Tino Schaedler of adNAU.
    Featuring talent from Warehouse 13, Stargate Universe, Haven and Friday Night Smackdown; adNAU's Tino Schaedler returns as Production Designer with adNAU partner Oliver Zeller joining the house party as Digital Set Designer.
  • Syfy House of Imagination
  • Syfy House of Imagination - The Return 

    Agency/Production Company: 4Creative

    Director: Brett Foraker
    Executive Producer: Shananne Lane
    Production Designer: Tino Schaedler
    Director of Photography: Larry Fong
    Editor: Adam Rudd
    Visual Effects: MPC