StumbleUpon Paid Discovery

  • Challenge
    Create a brand positioning for StumbleUpon's marketing platform, reaching advertisers and publishers looking to drive targeted traffic directly to their sites.

    Our Role
    When StumbleUpon approached us to help launch their revamped marketing platform, formerly known as StumbleUpon Ads, we knew our first order of business was to change the name. The term "advertising" didn't do justice to what StumbleUpon offers marketers - the ability to lead consumers directly to discover their online content (website, video, etc), without clicking through ads or links. To convey the true value of this guaranteed engaged audience, we renamed the platform "Paid Discovery," and summarized the benefit with the headline "Skip the Click." From there, we designed a sell page and tour with a look and feel that ties back to the StumbleUpon brand while conveying the power of what Paid Discovery delivers to marketers. In addition, we styled the logged-in product experience and designed print collateral for the sales team. Throughout the process, we conducted research among advertising and media professionals to ensure clarity and effectiveness of message.