StarHub SafeSurf | Birds & The Bees 2.0

Created: 10/01/12
Last Edited: 09/09/14
Research shows that the phase when boys start to experiment with porn coincides with the phase when they start to learn about sex. We saw that as an opportunity for StarHub SafeSurf to differentiate itself from the other Internet content control services in the market.

Using that insight, we helped dads teach their sons about sex, without them having to talk to their sons about it. All in a fun and unserious way. Fathers can customise their own block pages with videos designed to entertain and educate children. All customised pages are tied to unique IP addresses. So when a boy attempts to visit a porn site, he will see a personalised page. But what he will not know is his dad personalised it. The light-hearted videos made the talks easy, informal and causal.
  • Here are screen grabs of the block page customisation journey as experienced by a StarHub customer.

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