Some illustrations 2012

  • Some illustrations 2012
    Personal Projects
  • Dribbble Surfing.
  • Make and Share your idea!
  • Nature's association.
  • So, what will be next...
    It's a my new cartoon / raccoon hero Luis Ulisses de Carlos Kestrel Yaholo or just LUCKY :)
  • We can't doing sports in this freeze cold winter, just this... are you ready for Arts Olympic Games?
  • St. Valentine's day is coming, what is needed more than that - a beautiful gift, a taste of happiness, your favorite music, a sense of sweetness and finally... love ;)
  • " Hamy Reminder "
    It's a just idea for App reminder, targeted group of users under 16 age. About first circle it's a for month days, second one is for the hours...
  • "mOochaccino Machine"
  • "Hand experience"
    icon showing designer skills about "Adobe Web Premium" pack, in this case my skills :)
  • Football Fan Bag
  • Clothing
  • Swordfish
  • Squarespace ice cream
  • "you can have it, just imagine..."
  • "B52"
  • "More Beer"
  • "Magarty"
  • "Creative Champagne Box"
    I wish you to start and complete your best projects in 2013 :P
  • Art doping
  • In Dribbble I post my web illustrations and web resources if you want join to me or follow me in twitter.