Social media strategy and implementation for BY MY SIDE

  • My strategy revolved around building strong presence on Facebook with content from Vimeo and diseminate information and engage via Twitter
  • I built an interactive app on Facebook that showcased the trailer for the movie and allowed for social sharing.
    Facebook advertising was also utilized to target and bring in people interested in the issues for around $0.10 per per person (2000 people in the first month for $200).

  • A new bi-lingual website was planned and implemented before the campaign as a place to hold all of the press and screening info about the movie. Entire background was actually a sizzle reel as these striking scenes were the most riveting details of the campaign.
  • Entire website was planned and User Experience designed beforehand and then implemented in WordPress - the most common CMS available as the need for frequent content updating was obvious.
  • This integrated campaign created a huge lift-off and to careful targeting allowed for adding another 2000 Facebook fans each month!