Scida - Kindle manager for Mac

  • Scida. Finally an easy way to organize
    your e-books and get them onto your Kindle.

    Our original insight was that many Mac users
    find it difficult to manage their e-book libraries
    and send books to their Kindle. The existing
    solutions were complicated, hard to learn and
    they provide a terrible user experience.

    Our mission was to design an app that makes
    organizing your books and get them to your
    Kindle as simple as possible.
    Since we wanted to design an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface, we adopted the structure and patterns of well-known OS X library management apps such as iTunes and iPhoto.
  • The greatest challenge was to define a scope of functionality that is attractive for users yet very easy to learn. We prototyped, tested and made dozens of iterations to the interface until we've had an ideal layout.
    As always, less turned out to be more.
  • We don't like when an app is ugly. We like when it helps us doing our job. Scida was created with one thing in mind: no frippery.
    Just a clean and intuitive interface.
  • More features are coming soon! You can learn more about Scida on and download the app on the Mac App Store. Now with early bird discount!