Samsung & Dreamworks: Monsters vs. Aliens 3D

  • A huge part of Samsung's 3D LED TV launch was their global content partnership with Dreamworks. By partnering with Dreamworks globally, Samsung was able to offer a complete 3D home entertainment experience far earlier than any of its rivals could.

    This particular part of the global  3D LED TV launch campaign focused on merging Dreamworks characters and content with Samsung's technology and hardware, and presenting everything in an easy to understand way to consumers - particularly early adopters. The use of Papervision 3D brought the largely still content to life in a fun and compelling way, reinforced the 3D aspect of the product, and even mimics the parallax effect of true inter-ocular 3D.

    By far, the most challenging thing about this campaign and microsite was the regional aspect of the design: the entire site was translated and rolled out regionally in over 30 countries, so everything from the visual design to the back-end content management had to scale easily. No easy feat, but we got it done.