Samsung 3D Pros

  • 3D Pros was a massive, multichannel campaign designed with one goal in mind - educate the public about the coming wave of 3D content through the lens of Samsung's hand-selected 3D Pros. The 3D Pros were some of the top names in movies, gaming, sports, and animation, and their authority and deep knowledge were the main drivers of this campaign and all of the content created around it. Our "host" was the amazingly talented Henry Dittman.

    All in all, we shot and edited 38 videos of five different pros across the entire country from New York to California and back. The videos were housed on a 3D Pros YouTube channel, and were embedded into the microsite that formed the "hub" of the campaign. The microsite also included a drag and drop Google Map where users could "pin" places (like bars, stores, or other venues) where they'd seen a Samsung 3D TV. Each pro had their own Twitter handle and Facebook presence, and we crafted a 6 month long social media calendar to build anticipation and excitement leading up to CES in January 2011.