Saga Outerwear Lookbook 12/13.

Created: 06/06/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Lookbook graphics for Saga Outerwear.
  • The Cook Book.

    The Saga Outerwear 2012/2013 Lookbook. 
    For this project I was in charge of creating graphics that supported the outerwear and soft goods. I created typography, patterns, and various vectors that displayed the specifics of the jackets and also the categories that they fit into.

  • Typography for each series.
  • Next were the backgrounds that provided support for the clothing, but also showed off tech specific features of each item. 
  • The Jacket that started it all ...The Anomie. 
  • Custom Vectors.
  • The Fatigue.
  • Custom Vectors.
  • The On Deck Jacket.
  • Custom Vectors.
  • The Shut Out.
  • Custom Vectors.
  • The Riding Pullover.
  • Custom Vectors.
  • The Classic Vest.
  • Custom Vector.
  • Poly Soft Shell OG Logo.
  • Custom Vector.
  • Puff Vest and Poly Combo.
  • Custom Vectors.

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