STRENESSE Online Store

    Online Store
  • Relaunch of the STRENESSE online appearance and launch of their first online Shop. The new STRENESSE website integrates brand staging and a brandnew online shop. Large pictures dominate within the shopping area, in which the different STRENESSE lines have been showcased with individual visual worlds in terms 
    of colors and photography. Users can buy outfits of the current campaign with a single click within the 
    „Shop the Campaign“ area. All information about the brand is available within the company area and melts into shopping elements within the the Lifestyle Magazine so that users can navigate between brand and shopping world seamlessly. To use the potential of cross-selliing, STRENESSE launched a Facebook shop and promoted a strictly limited bag - for Facebook fans only! The application animated users to share the special and made fans become customers of the brand.Additional to online the shopping experience was enlarged onto mobile devices. The whole product range  can also be viewed and shopped via mobile.

    Agency: Werbwelt AG
    Creative Director: Bastian Pristl, Tobias Ulmer
    Art Director: Benny Wörner
    Key Account: Rena Mouzenidou