Rydd® Racking System - Defeat the Monster

  • Naming, Visual identity, Conceptual Branding and Advertising for the Norwegian Racking Distributor; Rydd® Racking System. The name "Rydd" is the norwegian synonym for "Tidy/Cleanup".

    Everyone can probably relate to the challenge of the mess that piles up in your sheds and garages. It is impossible to find what you are looking for, and hard to know where to begin. Our challenge was simply to; "Defeat The Monster and Regain Control." Using a mix of photos and 3D illustrations we created a monster made ​​of all the junk you can find in your shed. The message was to organize the clutter in our clients convenient racking systems. In addition to the campaigns, we have developed and designed all print and interactive solutions for the customer.

  • Ads

  • Ad details

  • Pre and post-production process

  • New name and visual identity

  • The new visual identity and name along with the former name and visual expression.

  • Corporate website

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