Ruby Sparks

  • Digital Campaign
  • In the film Ruby Sparks, Calvin is struggling with his writing and his love life, until his newest character comes to life. We made Ruby real by creating an innovative marketing campaign brimming with interactive elements which gained notable viral attention.

    We took the idea of real-time and interactivity to a new level by launching the site, Make Ruby Real, where online users can type their own stories to uncover exclusive videos, photos and sketches from the film. We activated the film's fan base even further by creating an interactive motion poster where fans were invited to create their own posters for the film. The fan-created designs were linked to Tumblr with the five posters receiving the most notes getting a chance to be made real in a limited print run.

    We supported these digital elements in a creative banner campaign consisting of progressives, statics and skins using the playful key art showing Ruby breaking out from a silhouette of typewriter text.

    client Fox Searchlight
    studio Ignition Interactive
    date  July, 2012
    role Concept, Art Direction, Design, Motion

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  • - Design

    Have an experience as the writer of the film himself. You've a writers block and are staring at a blank page forever. But then there's a spark, you start writing about your true love and everything comes to life. Music slowly starts to play, musical tones react to your keyboard keys, little animations start to appear and words trigger assets that can lead to exclusive content.

  • - Assets

    To make the story about your true love come alive I came up with 486 words that are related to the movie or love in general and are translated into 98 different objects, emotions or situations.

    words 486
    photos 46
    video loops 27
    abstract animations 18
    sounds 13
    sketch animations 12
    exclusive videos 12
    backgrounds 3

    Banner Campaign - Progressive
    Banner Campaign - Skin
    Interactive Motion Poster

    There are a thousand ways to fall in love. Show us yours!
    Design your own Ruby Sparks poster and it may be printed as an official poster for the film.
    creative direction Evan Dehaven
    art direction Alvin Groen
    production Maiko Sakurai, Heather Arlt
    design Alvin Groen
    motion Alvin Groen
    development Jason Hughes
    copywriting Ashley Crandell, Nina Kauffman
    sketches  Allison Reimold
    music & sound Bob Partridge