"Robak" 400ml spray cans

  • Cans 400mlstreet art accessories

    My part of BA diploma exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice / Poland.
    Fest Design 2011.

    "Promotional activity of street art nature for “Robak” brand."

    The diploma work presents a project of advertising campaign for a new spray paints designed for graffiti and street art – “Robak” (a bug). The graphic language typical for street art and graffiti artists used in the corporate identity of the company is supposed to attract future buyers of the company’s offer. The author created a distinctive image of the brand basing on a unified design that would easily be recognized and would be distinguished among other companies providing equipment of the same kind. Organic representation of title “bug” used in the company identity is an element that recurs in the paint labels, murals, press advertisements.

    Within his work the author created an outline of advertising campaign and elements of corporate identity: logo, package of spray cans, label print design, wooden packaging for spray cans, 12 motifs of organic insects, projects of murals and t-shirts.

  • Logo of Robak brand / Stencil process
  • Signs on packaging / Stencil process

  • Organic Insect Illustrations - 12 motifs

  • Label of Spray Cans
  • Black label is for standard cans.
  • White label is for limited edition cans.
  • Robak Spray Cans
  • Robak Spray Cans / Front & Back
  • Front of Robak Spray Can.
  • Back of Robak Spray Can.
  • Robak Spray Can / Rotation 360°
  • Motif consisting of three different illustrations
  • Wooden packaging / Spray Cans / Accessories
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  • T-shirts with insect illustrations

  • Visualization of murals - Project / Advertising of spray cans
  • "Fest Design" Diploma  Exhibition in Katowice / Poland
  • Exhibition
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