the quiksilver waterman collection is the finer assortment of men's outdoor sportswear, meticulously crafted from choice fabrics and trims, it meets the evolving needs of the global waterman's lifestyle. this collection from quiksilver is designed for men, ages 30-45. men who have grown up with quiksilver, and now want clothes to match their lifestyle.
    the quiksilver waterman team is filled with legends and former world champions, so the overall idea of the campaign was to simplify things by authentically capturing the team living the waterman lifestyle while wearing our gear. with economy on the brink of collapse, and people losing their jobs we just wanted to take the consumers back to a simpler time, a time where you spent all day at the ocean just because you loved it. the photography concept had two parts to it. part one was to capture the moment and the details of a waterman. part 2 was to take a 4x5 photo if the moment was of significance. 

    below is sampling of what the quiksilver waterman collection looked like in 2011.
    marketing director: peter mel
    photography, creative direction: jeff hornbaker
    filmer, editor: pat myers
    locations: puerto rico, british virgin islands, california, canada

    photo direction: photo by solomon d. butcher, nebraska, 1886.
    product styling, typography, artwork.

  • print advertising: 3 mainstream ads in mens journal.

  • print advertising: 15 endemic ads in various surfing magazines. 

    below are 4 spreads that ran in surfer's journal

  • business to business catalogs: 3 per year, 100+ pages.

  • retail: first waterman collection only store opens in newport beach california.

  • retail: 1 of 3 changing rooms featuring floor to ceiling underwater images.

  • retail: custom signage for core surf shops, and department stores.

    mobile website: website was designed to work on all devices. website included 40+ image slideshows from each trip, a 2+ minute video, and a list of the waterman athletes. clean, simple, aspirational, buy now.

  • spring lookbook: shot in puerto rico & the british virgin islands. here are a few images from the 40+ image slideshow.

    athletes: mark healey, shayne mcintyre, jamie mitchell.

  • summer lookbook: shot in california. here are a few images from the 40+ image slideshow.

    athletes: shayne mcintyre.

  • winter lookbook: shot in canada. here are a few images from the 40+ image slideshow. 2 minute video as well.

    athletes: tom carroll, mark healey, rusty long, shayne mcintyre, peter mel, and raph bruhwiler.

  • athlete biographies. each bio contained 3-5 slides.

  • emails: a few examples from our email campaign.

  • the end of the year, and the beginning of something new.

    "april, pacific coast canada: paradise is where you find it." shayne mcintyre.