Proud, Orange & Blue - Branding/Conceptual imaging

  • Proud, Orange & Blue

    Aalesund Football Club - Branding/Conceptual imaging
  • Aalesund Football Club (AaFK)
    Aalesund Football Club (AaFK) was Founded 25 June 1914 and is one of Norway's leading football clubs. The club's preliminary highlight was the victory in the Norwegian Cup in 2009. The club is led by former Norwegian national team captain Kjetil Rekdal. AaFK is known for having one of the most enthusiastic audiences in the country and is easily recognizable in their orange and blue jerseys.

    Overall promotion for one of Norway's leading brands
    Aalesund Football Club is one of Norway's strongest brands. We have provided development of the clubs visual identity, overall marketing development and concept images.

  • Ten of Aalesunds players are represented on the Norwegian junior national team (under 21 years).
    The concept image below is produced with sets from the local community in Aalesund, and was used to promote the youth department of the club.

  • Promotion prior to the Europa League qualification

  • Player portraits

  • Behind the scenes

  • Ad for new player shirt. "New player shirts available for active players and supporters"

  • Proud Past - Proud Present - Proud Future. Proud, Orange and Blue.

  • Authentic images of fans are also beeing used in the promotion, along with the th clubs slogan "AaFK - changes you"

  • Sales brochure

  • Various advertising items including leaflet developed for the Norwegian Cup final. AaFK won the final after penalties.