Projeto Sonae/Serralves

  • Project Sonae/Serralves

    The Project Sonae/Serralves, an initiative of Sonae and Serralves Foundation, brings together two artists annually, one from Portugal and one international, to, after an artist residency in Porto, present in the city the result of their work.

    The Project Sonae / Serralves is intended to create a new spacial reference.
    A literal reference not only by the choice of the city of Porto to the conception and presentation of the work, but also a metaphysical and abstract reference, a new convergence point of 2 perspectives and 2 ideas.

    In every person there is a singular and unique vision of what surrounds it.
    Their perspective is conditioned by his body, knowledge and personality.
    The combination of this two "visions/perspectives" creates the chance to built something new and unique.
    This argument not only constitute the "scene" for the development of the project, but also the basis to construct the Project Sonae/Serralves identity and communication plan.

    The location point was sliced in order to recreate the 2 artist’s perspective and highlight the 2 “S” from Serralves and Sonae.