Print Compilation

  • Print Compilation 
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    Ron Barceló Imperial
    This is a print campaign proposal directed to people
    with little time to enjoy life. We don't ask them to change 
    their lifes. We suggest them to measure it differently. 
  • Canal Plus X films
    X rated films is known for being abundant in many things; not in subtlety.
    We wanted to communicate a season of amateur X films refering to sex
    through homemade scenes without explicit sex at first glance.
  • Nivea Beiersdorf 
    Back in 2010, Beiersdorf called DRAFTFCB worlwide for the pitch
    of its total global account.
    Because of this we were transferred for 5 weeks to Hamburg and NY offices, 
    working with the international creative team, till the end of the pitch.  We won.
    This is the print campaign that we presented for the strategic concept
    "your skin is your identity". Art directed by Luis Eduardo García.
  • Superbrands.
    Key visual designed in 2009 for the spanish edition of Superbrands. 
    The goal of Superbrands is to identify those brands which perform
    above and beyond others within the market.
  • Be a Malevich
    Be a Malevich is a puzzle of white geometrical pieces based on the artistic
    movement started by Kazimir Malevich: suprematism. 
    We wanted to decrease the intelectualism
    and aggregate a healthy dose of irony for its print campaign.
    In collaboration with
    Macondo and other written landscapes.
    The town described in "One Hundred Years of Solitude"
    was the name we proposed for my mum's writing workshop.
    In collaboration with Natalia Latorre.