Pretty Loaded

  • Pretty Loaded
  • Pretty Loaded. It is a museum…a digital tribute…an infinitely loading website in which each preloader reveals another. We’ve put this collection together to capture a vanishing piece of the interactive domain.

    Broadband has kicked dial-up to the curb. As technology continues to sprint forth, the darling preloader is loading faster and faster. One day it will cease to exist altogether. So we’ve created an archive to remember the preloader’s day in the setting sun.

    We launched Pretty Loaded on January 12, 2009 with the help of some friends in the digital community. Within the first 24 hours, it welcomed tens of thousands of visitors (and got plenty of folks following along on Twitter). It seems we aren’t the only ones reflecting on how incredibly fast digital communications evolve.

    Starting June 2012, Pretty Loaded is featured in a permanent exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image.
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