People are watching you

  • As a reaction to the proliferation of presidential campaign posters in France, I've decided to make this wall to remind who does really matter in this campaign : people.
  •  Phase one : portraits
  •  Phase two : posters
  • Models : 
    _Nelly, Francis, Aurélien, Julie, Alban, Francine & Gilbert Grosdidier
    _Guy Royer
    _Jean Paul Orjebin
    _Dominique & Jean-Pierre Billy
    _Alain Malcotte
    _Laurie Vidal
    _Paul Frison-Roche
    _Axel Poignant
    _Alex Giordani
    _Caroline Fayçal
    _Jean Rémi Agin
    _Sheina Szlamka
    _Marie Philippe
    _Marie Lussault
    _Sophie Hanoun
    _Bernard Baissait
    _Mathilde Leduc
    _Karim Ansel
    _Jean Daniel Galisson
    _Marc Armand
    _Côme de Bouchony
    _Alizée Ayrault
    _Justine Potin

    Making of :
    Hugo Couvry, Émilie Casanova & Alban Grosdidier

    Pasting : 
    Alban & Aurélien Grosdidier

    Photography & stencil design : 
    Alban Grosdidier