Alan Powdrill - PIPE UP (The Video)

  • PIPE UP: The Video
  • By Alan Powdrill
  • I know what you're thinking, why don't we see more women smoking pipes these days ?

    PIPE UP is the latest personal project from Alan Powdrill. Six amazinglooking women of all shapes and sizes were cast and agreed to be partof this surreal and frankly bonkers look at a very niche pass-time.

    Alan's intention was to depict the women as proud, almost gothic pipers and along with stylists Shoot People and hair and make-up artist Deanna V'Lcevska, the team saught to capture the twisted reality.Then with the help of post production house The Operators the series was magically turned into a fab moving imagery piece.
    'As with any portrait, getting the 'perfect expression' is always a mixture of luck, foresight and simply pressing the button at the right time.' Alan Powdrill
    This was made tonnes easier as the models were very in tune with the project concept and quickly got into the role of proud puffers.The results sit perfectly with the rest of Alan's output. Part real,part bizarre, his twisted reality is always nothing but engaging.

  • Photographer: Alan Powdrill
    Stylist: Shoot People
    Hair and Make up: Deanna V'lcevska
    Moving Imagery: The Operators