Peludo Ø Metatron (LP Cover)

Created: 09/02/12
Last Edited: 10/23/14
In late 2011, our friends from Peludo band, began recording their first songs from their debut album -METATRON- so they asked us to develop the art for this LP.

Time passed, the project took shape and became more ambitious. What we really wanted, both the band and the studio, was to make a concept album, which transform the lyrics and music in powerful, ancient, mystical and haunting symbols, similar to the stained glass windows from a church, and finally tell the history of -Peludo- the werewolf. to accomplished this we use religious, occult, esoteric, mythological and science fiction themes, that took form in thirteen symbols that formed the structure of Metatron's Cube and the Black Zodiac.

At the end we develop multiple materials for the identity of the band such as the Logo, CD & LP cover and some inserts as thaumatropes, stickers and posters that came as gifts within the album.


Creative Direction - Héctor Hernández / Leonardo Mendez
Art Direction - Héctor Hernández
Design & Illustration - Héctor Hernández / Roberto Andreu
Photography - Guillermo Vázquez Pico
  • Logo
  • Ø Logotype settings, guidelines and space protection.
  • Ø The color system is based on the Tarot de Marseille, which was expanded and structured in sense of most of the range would be used in web version and just the black and gold in printed once.The red and purple colors were chosen to conform, the logo band in both medias, digital and printed.
  • Ø -Peludo- monogram & logo.
  • Ø Color versions.

  • Symbols Ø Stickers
  • I Ø Anastasis (Le Bateleur)
  • II Ø Paulina (La Papesse)
  • III Ø Tronos (L'Impératrice)
  • IV Ø NOPA (L'Empereur)
  • V Ø Robert Gray (Le Pape)
  • VI Ø El árbol del conocimiento del bien y del mal (L'Amoreux)
  • VII Ø Minor Arcana (Sept d'Épées)
  • VIII Ø Anthropophagie (La Justice)
  • IX Ø Humo (L'Hermite)
  • X Ø Ape -X- (La Roue de Fortune)
  • XI Ø Oculus Tauri (La Force)
  • XII Ø El colgado (Le Pendu)
  • XIII Ø Magdala Dissimulata (L'Arcane sans nom)
  • Peludo Ø METATRON
  • For this cover we conform the thirteen symbols within Metatron's Cube, each representing a song and in conjunction, told the entire story of Peludo.
  • Ø -METATRON- Skeleton.
  • Ø -METATRON- Grayscale version.
  • Ø -METATRON- Cover for website and social networks.
  • Details
  • Ø -METATRON- details.
  • Printed version
  • Ø CD, LP cover and some inserts as thaumatropes, stickers and posters that came as gifts within the album.
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