Openbank - Compilation

  • Openbank Compilation
    This is our best work for the firstborn
    digital bank in Spain.
    Introducing the bank that makes you feel good by
    growing your savings effortlessly with a Facebook Campaign.
    We launched it with this video.
  • Facebook Interactive tab.
    We spread the campaign on Facebook with a promo.
    Each view of the video added 1€ to the final pot you could win
    to start your own Savingstherapy at Openbank.
  • __
    College students are one of our best clients.
    We sparked their creativity with a UGC project
    allocated on Youtube.
    This is the case study.
  • Campaign Video:  "Oil on subwoofer".
  • Awards & Honorable Mentions:
    Shortlist - Brand content @ El Sol ‘12