• To be a rock and not to roll. Not just a simple pay off for the Spring Summer 2013 campaign: Orciani decides to affirm its strength, a strength that comes from both the earth's core and from the grain of the leather. Not an institutional or a product campaign, but a decisive and clear message carved in rock: the company with its universe of accessories that resist the events and live in perfect symbiosis with the world that surrounds them without slipping or sliding into the obvious.
  • To be a rock and not to roll. Rock, the symbol of strength and resistance, is eroded over time by the implacable, constant action of the elements, until something even more tenacious emerges from its core: impermeable to the atmospheric agents, moulded by the elements but able to resist over time. And so a bag gradually reaches it maximum chromatic splendour. From the dusty grey of rocky walls to the intensity of the aquamarine: a path through time and against time, it affirm its identity and solidity.