• With three million members, ONE is a global non-profit movement that brings awareness to the absurdity of extreme poverty through petitions, phone calls, letters, and rallies. For our partnership with ONE, we aimed to re-launch their website in a way that drove more people to action. The new puts emphasis on actions by urging visitors to: get the facts, take action, and exchange stories. Redesigned with the look & feel of a long-scrolling infographic, has less text and more visuals. Now, it is easy for visitors and advocates alike to take part in ONE's mission and discover relevant content.
  • Responsive
    With mobile in mind from the start, we designed the site to be responsive across all devices.
  • Homepage
    With less text and more visuals, the homepage summarizes ONE's purpose as a long-scrolling infographic.
  • Take Action
    For each cause, we make the the action very clear while the rest of the page adds context for the user to make an informed decision.
  • Dashboard
    We developed a socially integrated account system using Facebook and Actionkit. A user can log-in via Facebook and monitor their involvement with ONE by tracking how their actions are contributing to a specific goal.
  • How we did it
    • 50,000+ lines of code in HMTL, CSS, SCSS, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, and Wordpress.
    • Many hours of design using Photoshop and Illustrator.
    • 2 strategists contributing their UX and internet smarts.
    • One producer to make sure no detail was left unchecked.
    To see more of our work, visit our interent home