Viral OB A Personal Apology

    Viral O.B. A Personal Apology
    2012 Cannes Lions - 1 Bronze
    2012 Clio Awards - 1 Gold
    2012 London International Awards - 1 Bronze
    2012 Webby Awards - 2 Honours
    2012 Bessies - 2 Gold
    2012 Marketing Awards - 1 Gold
    2012 Applied Arts - 1 Gold
    2012 CMA Canadian Marketing Awards - 5 Gold - 1 Silver
    2012 MIAS Media Innovation Awards - 3 Gold - 1 silver 1 - Bronze
    2012 TED Ideas Worth Spreading
    2011 Top 10 ads of the year - The Globe and Mail
    More over 47 millions of video views
    Viral OB tampons - Johnson & Johnson new viral campaign marks the return of feminine hygiene product on the market after an interruption of production. To apologize, more than 65 000 women received an email that led them to their own personal music video, and an apology they’ll never forget. This viral had more than 1 million hits only in one weekend, 1 million Facebook shares, 1.8 million Twitter impressions and 1 million coupons only after 3 weeks. The OB viral has been the reel talk talk on the web and the marketing press. After 3 months the viral had 27 millions unique video views  and one year after more over 47 million of views. A Little sorry got big.

    The film director Christian Langlois and The creative agency Lowe Roche  created a satire of a power ballad music video. Immersed in a tacky atmosphere a sticky pop singer makes apologies to the consumer, imploring her to follow him again and pick up where they left. Syrupy, charming, excessive, dripping, It's surprising. The tricks only possible in interactive viral communication pushing this message in a rarely seen level of customization and personalization.
    Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto, Canada
    Creative Director : Mark Biernacki
    Art Director: JP Gravina
    Writer: Simon Craig
    Production Co.: The Garden
    Film Director: Christian Langlois - Les enfants (Montreal) The Garden (Toronto) Satelitte My love (Paris)
    DP: Alex Bussieres
    Exec. Producer: Bruce Dawson - The Garden
    Talent: Sean Ban Beaton
    Vocals: Chad Doucette
    Audio Production: Keen Music, Thomas Neuspiel, Kai Koschmider
    Agency Producer: Liz Walker
    Technical Director: Nery Orellana
    Flash Developers: Scott Morgan, William Chung
    Typographer: Richard Thompson, JP Gravina
    Digital Strategists: Kevin Qwan, Leshanne 
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