Nike | Pro Combat Uniforms 2010

  • Nike | Pro Combat Uniforms 2010
    Role: Art Direction, Design, Motion
  • The 2010 Nike Pro Combat Uniforms were designed by nike for select college matchups. The uniforms were inspired by the unique stories and history of each school. The story of each school was illustrated using a combination of photo compositing, 3D, and animation to create an engaging 360 campaign. Check out the site for a richer in depth look.

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  • Core Team:
    Al Patton - Creative Director, Copy
    Diego Aguilar - Art Direction
    Lee Gordon - Interaction Design
    Ryan Wang, Brian Krebs - Development
    Richard Boadu - Copy
    Zach Newcomb - Producer
    Rasmus Wangelin - Facebook Design
    Produced at R/GA 2010