Nike Braamfie Runners

  • Nike Braamfie Runners
  • I was comissioned by Nike South Africa to brand their new running club called ‘Braamfie Runners’. I used a typographic approach for the logo and formed a lockup by intergrating the letters ‘B’ & ‘R’ to emphasize the movement of running. I also created symbols that represented the different levels of runners: Novice, Intermediate and Experienced. 

    Each symbol represents an internal organ which is pivotal to the human body when exercising. Namely the Heart, Lungs and Thorax. The complexity of each symbol differentiates the level of the runner as well as the difficulty of the run. Each runner receives their symbol as a sticker to mark their routes around the city. 

  • Novice Symbol
  • Intermediate Symbol
  • Experienced Symbol
  • Sticker Pack